FOR SALE:  Used Kill Floor equipment, all recently removed from production as we have closed our Kill Floor.  2 cradles,  1 Triangle Trolley holder (needs new wheels), two 1 ton hoist, call for pricing.  Contact Jim or Doug @ Thrushwood Farms,  309-343-5193

FOR SALE:  Kemetec  Smokehouse  Full Size 2 Truck  Solid Stainless Steel,  2000 lb capacity, Micro processor, shower, Recently overhauled and refurbished.  4 Smoke carts included  Smoke producer, only $25,000.  Also for sale EnviroPak/Koch full size 2 truck smokehouse with microprocessor and smoke generator and 4 smoke trucks.  Will be available in June.  $17,000 .  Contact Ed @ Woods Smoked Meats, Bowling Green, 573-324-2247

FOR SALE:  Two Retail Freezer Cases ; 1st case is a two door unit in very good shape . I purchased it running at auction. After taking three years to install it, the compressor isn’t running. It has outside self contained compressor/condenser . Price $400.00.  2nd case is a 3 door unit I have used for over 20 years. Ran when we unhooked it last week. It has a remote outside unit that would need protective cover. Price $300.00.  Contact Sherwin @ Special D, Macon, 660-385-2141

FOR SALE: Dixie Vac 2000 Manufactured by Robert Reiser. Machine has been moderately used, seasonally for deer. Dies included allow packaging of summer sausage rolls, bacon, luncheon meats and individual snack sticks. The machine is currently on line and in use, being replaced for purposes associated with new technology and capability. 320 mm forming film and 301 non form. $18,000.00 includes everything but the air compressor for operating. A continuation of service with Reiser offers 24 hours a day 7 day a week phone service and 2nd to none technicians at no charge. Full disclosure of the machine can be given by personnel at Reiser upon request.  New machines are running $125,000 and up, so this is an exceptional value!  Contact Edward @ The Country Butcher Shop, Palmyra, 573-248-4342 cell or 573-769-2257 work

FOR SALE:  Hobart 4346 mixer/grinder, $3000.  Prosmoker Model 600 sawdust smoke generator, $750 or better offer.  Contact Mark @ Leinbach Butchering, Versailles, 573-378-6517